Only Human xx

It’s ok to lose yourself for a little bit, while. In books, in music, in running, in Art, in nature, in #Life . Let yourself get lost, to find YOU. .. Because who YOU are, just as you are, is exactly who the World needs. ~ @CHAUNTALLEWIS As #iAm #BelieveandBecome xx

Life has never felt so revealing!  For me, making sense in the calm is sometimes more challenging or frustrating than discovering Truth or new revelations, if you will, in absolute chaos. Because in these mysterious chapters in Life, inevitably, we do find ourselves on the other side.  As if you were meant to “go through it” to find yourself again…?  Not in like the 16 year old, I think I’m starting to get it, or again at 18, 21, 25 when we formulate all our opinions and think we have it figured out: “Believe Me.  This IS the way it is.”  …. Well, if you’re human like Me and the rest of us, it’s an ever evolving process as we are ever evolving beings.  But when called to whatever it is you go through, you know you must fight through the mysterious chaos to BECOME who you are at your truest self.  At least that’s what I’ve discovered over the pain, confusion, mundane, highest of highs to indescribable lows.  And most days, I Wonder if I’ll ever get to the other side.  You know, that unconditional happiness.  But, when I say Life is revealing, I find my happiness NOW in gratitude. For what I know, what I’ve seen, who I’ve met, who I am, what I GET TO do. Ha so maybe I get it!? LOL …. hardly.

So recap: Moved to LA at 19, Actress/Celebrity Makeup Artist, crazy Runner/fitness, lost a hand along the way, lost a “love of my life”, continued creating with ALL of my heart, accomplished dreams I could cry just thinking of the moment I prayed for it… I suppose I’m just DOing me, as the kids say, but quite frankly…I DON’T QUIT, and here I am in complete surrender, “What’s next, Lord?” Life is beautiful; beyond grateful.  Is this the potential you set me out  to live?

I’ve lost attachment to what does not serve me and also, to what I THINK does.  So in these moments of loss, or confusion or bliss or that in between thing (hmmm so I’m back to this, really?) I’ve decided to GET LOST. Get lost in it or out of it, in other dimensions of life you normally wouldn’t tap into.  Whether in the bliss of what IS, the process of what is to pass, the new comings or a new beginning.  Like a student at my first day of school, I now wake up and say “I CAN’T WAIT TO ‘GET TO’….”!  I GET TO do Life!  Not knowing what is yet to come is assurance that the best days are still to come.  That’s not to say I haven’t experienced some of the best days a girl could ever ask for, but there’s more.  I just KNOW it.  How do I know? Because, for my entire life, He has never failed to lead me there.  Somewhere, I didn’t even know I was seeking.  My worldly, conditioned mind instinctively reverts to, what about the bad? Oh yea, that terrible moment, horrific feeling that happened or might happen again?  I always try to remind myself, what could be worse than, well, what we’ve already endured.  And I’m not just talking about near death experiences or trauma or loss like some of us were called to rise up and overcome. To BE human, we face debilitating fears or doubts or anxiety or comparison or horrible relations and/or questioning your Life’s purpose itself.  No one said it was going to easy, oh but our discoveries through each and every experience will be worth it.  And if it feels, say, to be worse, you were NOT brought to it if you were not strong enough to conquer, learn and teach others from it; once you perhaps get LOST and when you inevitably GET TO the other side.

I am only human.  But I do Believe.  It’s in the unknown we discover who the World needs … You. Me. We.

All my LOVE. ~ @ChauntalLewis xx